Early Educational Pen

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Learning with Fun & Interaction

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Package Included

  • Talking Pen
  • 3 Nursery Rhyme Books
  • 100 Enlightenment Cards, 540 Recording Stickers
  • Alphabet / Piano Card
  • Manual
  • Type-C USB Cable


  • Insert the USB cable into the charging socket in the side of the Talking Pen and connect to USB charger.
  • It is recommended that charging is done in the off state.
  • The charging indicator light will glow red when charging and turn green when fully charged.
  • It takes 3 hours to fully charge the Talking Pen and it supports 5 hours play.
Product Size 4.7 x 4.74 x 17.2 cm
Battery 660mAh lithium battery
Speaker 26mm high-fidelity speakers
USB Port Type-C
File Format MP3

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